Fit 'n Fab

Hello Gorgeous!  

You may be here because you have tried so many diets and feel that you are at your last resort.  Maybe you are at a place of knowing something needs to change but find yourself

confused on where to start.  I can assure that you are not alone. 

What you feel today is real and there is an answer!  

Throughout my years of coaching clients and walking along side them finding the keys to their personalized health.  We are all NOT the same.  Therefore what may work for one will not work for the other.  I am happy to say that I have found something to help you start with an idea of what your body needs.  I suggest with all my clients to take their DNA with me and then they will receive their personalized nutrition.  No need to go figure it out on your own at the health food stores.  This saves you money and time.

This is a choice up to you but I do know that you will see the best benefits.  

Do not fret for you are home!  This is the place where I will walk with you all along the way.  You will not do this alone and you will see change as you embrace the journey!

I look forward to walking alongside you if you choose to join me and so many other beautiful women during these next 6 weeks!

What can I expect on the

Fit n' Fab Program?

  • 6 weeks of meal plans, recipes, and shopping guide

  • 6 weeks of exercises to do at home or the gym

  • Each week we will have a coaching call on zoom, where we will share all our successes and ask any questions in needing to make adjustments that fit life stlye. 

  • Each week you will be in a private group were I will be in contact with you keeping you on track to meet the goals you and I set for the 6 weeks

  • Each week you will have a Focus for the week

  • You will have two Private sessions with me (40 minutes each). One at the beginning and one in the middle.

  • Materials and print outs to keep you accountable

  • I will share all my tricks and tips in getting to your BEST health

  • I will educate you in Intermittent Fasting, Keto, Vegan, ect.     One size does NOT fit all and so it is important for you to be informed.


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