Let's start simple

When I started on my health journey, I was overwhelmed with information. Opinions of what I needed to change in my diet, how often I should eat, how much water I should consume, how much sleep I should have and so much more!

Let's be real. Just thinking about it made me exhausted. In fact I would find myself making unhealthy food choices just from the anxiety of it all. Then confirming the thoughts in my head..."It's just too difficult!" "Who am I kidding. I'm never going to make it work."

But no worries! I'm here to encourage you that just to start simple.

Any simple change is a WIN!!

So today we are going to talk about rotisserie chicken!! Chicken can be used in multiple ways for dinners and lunch!

Dress it up according to what type of meal you are preparing it for!

Recipe for Crockpot Chicken:

1 Chicken at 4-5 lbs will need to cook in the crockpot at low for 4 hrs. Breast up! This will keep it moist!

One way to make it is as follows:

2 heads of garlic sliced down the middle

2 lemons, sliced

Lay these at the bottom of the crockpot and place chicken on top. Drizzle olive oil with some salt and pepper and a few rosemary sprigs placed inside!

Let it rest. Allowing it to do this will keep it moist! So try to let it sit for about 15 minutes before cutting into it.

I hope you are encouraged to start somewhere simple and that you can accomplish your goals! I love community. It's a place where we can encourage each other and share from our experiences and our WINS!!

Feel free to share your WINS!!

May you have a fantastic day!!

Crystal Lynn

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