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I remember the days my mom and I would walk out to the parking lot and periodically she would ask...."Now where did I park?" I swore I would NEVER forget where my car was. Fast forward 20 years later and I now say the same things to my children!

While I can't tell you exactly where you car is...I do hope to give you some tools to help this from happening so often.

So what is it about our brain that we become easily to forget things as we age?

It starts with your "Mental Sketch Pad" . YES, you have one of those, located in the front of your brain. It is powered by neurons in your brain. When we experience memory loss it is due to buildup of abnormal proteins in the brain that slowly destroy neurons, robbing a person of memory and cognition.

So what now? What can we do about it?

Now there are no guarantees to preventing memory loss but there are certain activities

and foods that will help.

Here are my list of 5 things you can start today!

1. Socialize regularly - this helps ward off depression and stress. Both of these can contribute to memory loss.

2. Sleep - A good amount of sleep helps with the consolidation of memory. An adult should get at least 7-8 hrs of sleep a day

3. Eat foods for a healthy brain - Eggs, Avocados, Beets, Celery are just a few that will help with memory. Increasing your B vitamin by eating more green leafy vegetables and fruits will also help.

4. High Quality Supplementation - Adequate nutritional intake, including nutritional supplements, results in a reduction of inflammation and oxidative damage throughout the body, reducing the risk of nearly every chronic degenerative disease including Alzheimer’s disease. *not all companies are the same be sure to do your research. If you would like to know the supplements I trust my health too, click here

5. Exercises that promotes blood flow - Yoga has some amazing poses that will help increase blood flow. They are simple and can be done anywhere. So if you're feeling tired a little yoga will do the trick!

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